Monday, April 28, 2008

What it Takes

So I'm hanging out with a guy friend of mine today. We're just chilling, talking about normal stuff. Then he asks me, "Dee, what does it take for a guy to get a girl around here."
At first I thought it was rhetorical, but then he didn't change the subject. So I told him what I, as a girl looking for a boy herself, thought were A+ qualities.

1. First impressions are very important. If you look like a slob, we're gonna think your a slob. So try to refrain from dropping ketchup on the new shirt your mom just bought you.
Unfortunately, a lot of girls are shallow to some extent. So keeping your hair nice and spending more than $8.00 on a pair of pants can really work wonders. And a shower never hurts. Care about what you look like. We sure do.

2. A sense of humour can really bring out the best in someone. There's nothing better than a cute guy who can make you laugh. But know when to stop. Because a funny cute guy can easily turn into a cocky jerk-off. When people stop laughing at the words coming out of your mouth, that's usually a indication to stop talking.

3. We don't care what your highest score was in Halo or how you totally owned your older brother in a belching contest. Those are things best left to brag about to the guys.

4. Do NOT talk about ex-girlfriends if your trying to tell us you like us. In any way. If you say something like, "Yeah, she let me in her pants on second date..." or "Ugh, what was I thinking?? She's such a butterface.", we're gonna think your a creep who only wants ONE THING.
If you say something like, "Yeah, she broke my heart. She was my first love.", we're gonna think your not over her. So it's just best not to mention them at all.

5. Multiple personalities are an absolute deal breaker. If you treat us different in front of your friends then you do when we're alone, your gone. Absolutely NOT tolerated.
Obviously, don't be completely cute and flirty, but don't try to impress your friends by dissing us. You'll be the one laughing when we're hooked around your arm.

6. Don't be anyone you aren't. Trying to impress us by doing or saying something you normally wouldn't will only backfire later on if it happens to work. And most girls have a sixth sense that can see straight through you when you lie. So don't do it.

7. Just be nice. Not creepy nice like, "I think about you all the time." But nice nice like, "You know, I never really noticed before, but your hair is really shiny." Or something to that effect.

8. If you fail, don't worry about it. There's always another girl out there.

Now those are just my opinions. Every girl is different. And once you actually start dating them, everything changes again and you have to learn a whole new set or guide lines. So just keep trying.

Saturday, April 19, 2008


Why can't things be like they used to? Why do people have to change in a way that doesn't suit you? I miss old times and old music and old hangouts and old drama. I need a time machine that I can take back with all my new friends (cause I couldn't live without them now too) and my old friends and just stay there, being carefree and not giving a damn what anyone does or says. Now we're all walking on egg shells to try not make anything worse.

Old pictures are my worst enemy.

Saturday, April 12, 2008


Sometimes I really hate estrogen.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Bay Film Studio

So....... my drama class at school went on a tour/stunt workshop at the Maple Bay Film Studio. They converted a really old elementary school into a fully functional changeable set. It was really cool. We went through a run through of proper gun shooting and safety...... but I kinda wish I could have shot a couple people for real.... everyone was just pissing me off today. I'd be like BAM and they'd be like DEAD and that would be that. And it would be really ironic because we were on the set of a big fake court room and then we could have had a trial right there and I would plead insanity and no one else would disagree cause I'd still have the gun in my hand. Yeah. That's how it would go down.

Monday, April 7, 2008

What do I do?

OK so..... theres this guy. And he's never really liked me as more than just a friend. I'm the best friend actually. I have been for a really long time. And I don't want to do anything to fuck it up. Lets call him..... Joe.

So Joe dated this really good friend of mine a really long time ago and she.... lets call her Jane..... was his first love so he's never really gotten over her and he never will, it's just one of those things. Since they dated each other, they have been on and off with other people throughout the past 2 years. Actually, Joe found someone else he loved just as much if not more than Jane, just a different kind of love. But she.... we'll call her Jess..... was a total control freak. She didn't trust a single thing John did and reminded him of every thing he hated about himself.... some girlfriend huh? But for some strange reason I'll NEVER understand he still loved her and he put up with it..... for a while. One day, Jess decided she couldn't take the fighting anymore so she ended the relationship. Then, 2 minutes later she called back saying JUST KIDDING..... but John said no. And that was that.

So about a year went by. I have my suspicions about Joe and Jess being friends-with-benefits because she NEVER left him alone and things were bound to happen with all the teenage hormones flying everywhere.
Everything kinda stayed quiet. Jane is dating other people, Joe would feel to guilty about dating other people because it would hurt Jess, and Jess is..... well, I was never really that close with Jess so I don't really know what she was doing. Then the glue that held our group of friends together, and my BFFL moved away (I miss her so much) and everything started to fall apart.
I got really sick of Jess treating Joe like total crap and they weren't even dating so I decided to tell her how much of a bitch she was, and my currentBFF (who's amazing) backed me up, as well as Jane. So, Jess was completely removed from our social circle THANK GOD.
Joe wasn't entirely thrilled with this but I told him choosing sides was out of the question so he was pretty mutual.
Months past and currentBFF and Joe drifted. Jane got a really great boyfriend but before that happened, Joe told her he still liked her. Jane did not have the same feelings. So now he's back with Jess, who apparently swore the fighting would stop but is showing signs of coming back to her old ways which will make Joe even more depressed because he's with his second choice, and seeing Joe depressed makes me depressed......... Wow, my life is fun.