Tuesday, July 1, 2008

WARNING: This post contains language and mature subject matter not suitable for children. Viewer descretion is advised.

O-M-FUCKING-G. Ok. So I have this friend who's ex-boyfirend is the BIGGEST TOOL DOUCHBAG MOTHERFUCKER I have ever met in my ENTIRE life. He's one of those guys who fits perfectly into the male-ego catagory and I have already expressed my views about that in one of my first posts. ANYWAY...... Since I have no way to get ahold of him or see him, which is probably for the better, I'm gonna say what I want to say to his face on here. I hope to god he reads this some how.

So you really want to know what I think of you?? Hm?? For real, not sugar coated?? For starters, your really fucking fugly. Like, not even kidding. One of your eyes goes off in a different direction, your lips are lopsided, and your pudgy. It was a fucking miracle you ever got a girlfriend.
And what the hell is with you ALWAYS having to be right or ALWAYS having the last word? You know you've lost the argument when the only think you can say is "your mom...", or "fuck you". SERIOUSLY. Grow up.
And how small is your fucking penis that you have to make shit up like, "oh, yeah I totally fucked up that kid.." or "yeah, she really wants me back but I told her fuck no, bitch." Do you not see how pathetic you look when you tell lies that aren't even believable about things that don't even fucking matter?? What is the point??
Your dumb, perverted, tacky, nasty, hypocritical, insecure and I fucking pity your sorry ass. Good luck with whatever life you have left because your one of those guys who peaks in high school.